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Prune Fruit Trees:

March is the perfect time in Klamath to prune fruit trees.  Removing basal suckers & ‘water spouts’ give the tree more vigor to produce more fruit plus helping with its overall health. Nearly 95% of trees grown in North America are grafted to hardy rootstocks, that’s why those pesky suckers grow.  They need to be totally removed.  ‘Water Spouts’ are those branches that grow quickly in one season, they need to be entirely removed.  Fruit is produced on old growth only.  Do not Prune anything else ( Roses, Grapes, Berries, etc.) now until they push growth later on.  We receive ‘YOYO’ weather now, one day it’s 70 degrees next day it’s 16 degrees, this causes Die Back on newly pruned branches, which in turn may kill the entire plant.

Sowing Seeds:

Now is the time to sow seeds indoors.  When sowing seeds in pots, use a soiless mixture ( vermiculite, sand, peat moss, & or perlite).  They need misting the 1st few weeks, then as they sprout & grow, water them.  Choose a warm spot with bright light.  Wait to put them outside in May or June.  If ‘Legginess’ occurs, pinching them back will creates stronger stems.  This is also a great learning experience for kids & is also fun.

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